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Star Badges

Star Badges

Children can be given House points which count towards their House Cup.

These may be learning related or behaviour related and are given for excellent behaviour, excellent work, excellent effort and good attitude.

Once a child has completed their House Point Card they receive a reward certificate to take home and their card goes into a central House Point box. These cards count towards the end of term House Cup.

The children’s’ individual House Point certificates accumulate to earn the coloured star badges; they are awarded as follows –

Red Star -       200 House Points (10 Certificates)

Yellow Star – 400 House Points (20 certificates)

Blue Star – 600 House Points (30 certificates)

Green Star – 800 House Points (40 certificates)

Silver Star – 1000 House Points (50 certificates)

Gold Star – 1200 Points (60 certificates)

For every additional 10 certificates Premium Stars are issued

Parents need to carefully collect and save their child’ house point certificates as these are used to reveal the number of house points your child has earned. When you have the allocated amount of house points, your child brings all the house point cards into school and passes them to the Headteacher, who organises for the Star badge and certificate to be given out at the next Praise assembly.