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Smile Dont Frown Behaviour System

Smile Don't Frown Behaviour System

Edlesborough School emphasises the importance of rewarding good behaviour and positive work habits through praise, encouragement, public recognition and rewards. The following rewards are used throughout the school:

The Smile Don’t Frown Behaviour System

This system is designed to reward children who are always well behaved, and to celebrate good behaviour weekly and half termly.

  • All classrooms will display the Edlesborough School Rules for good behaviour.
  • All classrooms will have a Smiles card display with each child’s name with a Smile Card against it. In the Reception class the children will each have a photograph on the Smile board and will start each day under the Smile picture.
  • Every child who stays on Smiles all week and those who have only had thinking cards given to them will stand in Praise Assembly each Friday as their class’s good behaviour is celebrated. They will receive a House point for each day they remain on a Smile with a maximum of 5 Smiles House Points begin available each full week.
  • House Points received will be awarded on a half-termly basis and a Certificate to celebrate the child’s individual achievement will be awarded each half term.
  • Smiles Time will be awarded weekly in KS1– 15 minutes – and half termly – 30 minutes – in KS2. Full Smiles Time will be given to those who have made positive behaviour choices and have remained on a Smile card all week and those who have received only thinking cards.