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We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

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Knowledge Schools Foundation Trust

Knowledge Schools Foundation Trust

Edlesborough Primary Academy is pleased to partner with Knowledge Schools Foundation Trust (KSFT). KSFT was established as a charity when West London Free School first opened its doors as a means to raise money for facilities and activities that are not normally funded by the Department of Education. So far, more than £500,000 has been received for pupils in the Trust schools. The funds have come predominately from parents and carers but also from external donations and grants.

Laura Lund, Director of Primary Education announced, "We know that many of you have previously contributed to the school and make certain things possible - whether that be for resources or activities. Going forward we would like to introduce you to the KSFT. This organisation supports all the schools in the Trust, but any money donated by a parent or carer is only ever spent on the children in that particular school."

Thomas Newman, Chairman of KSFT said, "Knowledge Schools Foundation Trust is delighted to work with Edlesborough Primary Academy to help generate resources that can be used to enrich the education of the EPA pupils in the same way pupils education has been enriched at the other schools within Knowledge Schools Trust."

KSFT most recently resurfaced a multi -use games area in one of our London partner schools to enhance the quality of PE and play for all children as well as £4000 of musical instruments were funded to enhance the musical lessons of every child and further develop the music curriculum. Other recent projects undertaken include funding library books, playgrounds, school trips, school productions and much more.


Lund added, "As a a school which is driving to be oustanding alongside our partner schools, we are looking to do all that we can to offer our children the richest learning opportunity and we do have some fantastic plans for the future."

We invite all parents and carers to make a small monthly contribution to KSFT and help us make these goals a reality. Your monthly donation may be in any amount. Large donations, obviously, are very welcome but even a small, regular donation makes a difference. Please be assured, however, that if you are not able to contribute it will no way affect the provision for your child.

To learn more about KSFT and to make donations please visit their website.