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We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

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Edlesborough School PE Mission Statement

It is our aim at Edlesborough School to provide the opportunity for our pupils to safely experience a wide range of sporting activities for their fun and enjoyment.

Through carefully planned PE and sporting activities we aim to ensure that all pupils are happy and enjoy PE, thus raising participation levels both in and out of school and therefore in turn, promoting healthy lifestyles. 

We strive to provide high quality PE and sports teaching in both curriculum and extra-curricular school clubs. We aim to ensure that within their own level of ability, all pupils can achieve and experience success, thereby enabling them to reach their full potential.   We value the benefits of PE and sport to build pupil’s self-confidence, esteem and self-worth which is character building and essential for our pupil’s development.  We aim to provide opportunities for all pupils to experience competition at various levels both individually and as part of a team. 

We also aim to embed these skills throughout the whole curriculum. We have been awarded Schools’ Games Gold Kite Mark in recognition of the high level of provision already in place at Edlesborough School, including recognition of the excellent variety of clubs and activities available for pupils and the high levels of participation in these activities.

 PE Kit

PE kit is important for both reasons of safety and hygiene. We have deliberately tried to ensure the kit can be purchased easily and value for money so that parents & carers are able to ensure that their child/ren always able to look smart and presentable. We want all of our children to be proud to wear their Edlesborough PE kit, as they are part of a fantastic team.
PE kit is compulsory and should consist of the following items:
  • PE bag with drawstring, clearly named
  • plain black (no logos)
  • blue polo t-shirt with Edlesborough School logo
  • trainers or plimsolls
  • *white ankle socks if tights are worn to school
  • shin pads (KS2 only)
For winter (optional)
  • plain black tracksuit bottoms (no logos)
  • plain black jumper (no logos)
For summer (optional)
  • plain coloured cap
Please note, shorts and t-shirts should not be baggy as these can be a hazard when using the gymnastics equipment. Some children have also started wearing ‘skorts’, whilst these may seem a more practical option, these can restrict leg movement and again can be a hazard on gymnastics equipment therefore these are not permitted.


Children may wear lace up trainers for PE lessons as long as they are able to tie their own laces. If your child is unable to do this independently without adult assistance, they too must wear trainers with Velcro straps. All footwear should be the correct size for the wearer and should provide appropriate support for the ankles. Converse style trainers or high-top trainers are not to be worn by any child.

Long Hair and Jewellery

As is our school policy, hair always needs to be tied back and all jewellery removed. If your child is unable to remove their earrings as their ears have recently been pierced, then you need to provide medical tape to cover the earring. This is because of risk of injury. We would encourage anyone thinking of having their child's ears pierced to do so at the beginning of the long summer break. Parents/carers are solely responsible for removing earrings from their child’s ears on the days their child has PE. No member of staff, or in fact any pupil, is allowed to remove earrings from any child.

Lost Property

We are also finding a lot of PE kit is in our Lost Property box and is un-named, we are unable to return to their rightful owners. With lots of changing in a classroom, it is inevitable that clothes get muddled and mislaid. Please ensure ALL PE kit is clearly named.