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Year 3

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Mrs Day and Mrs Pine warmly welcome you to the year 3 class webpage!

It's been so lovely to get to know all your children these past few weeks, they have amazed me with their ability to adapt so quickly to a new teacher, curriculum and routines! They have shown they are an enthusiastic bunch with their learning and we are enjoying the different aspects of the new curriculum. 

Who’s who

Michaelmas A

What have we been Learning?

5th - 16th October


We have been continuing with our learning in addition and subtracting, looking at a variety of ways we can do this so we have a range of knowledge to draw on when we are working independently. The children have access to a wide range of concrete resources to help them, and it was wonderful on Friday to see them independently deciding what they needed during a fun-packed game of 'Mathopoly'! Teams of 4 used their knowledge to compete in  wide range of addition and subtraction calculations, working out challenges for extra points and checking each others answers with a calculator. The mathematical discussions and vocabulary that took place was great to hear!


We have finished our unit studying Hercules, and the children independently wrote their own versions of the myth. Between you and me, theirs were far better than the original that I read out to them, with their creative minds adding many dramatic details! We had learnt about different sentence structures that make our writing more interesting to read- simple, compound and complex sentences- and the children showed they could use these, as well as adding adverbs, using the skill of 'show not tell' and using fronted adverbials to start of sentences in a variety of ways. I have been impressed with how much they have been able to write every time we wrote the different sections of the myth. We have now started a short unit learning about 'Explanation Texts', which are non-fiction, and which we are basing on what we have been learning in Science...leading me nicely onto our Science lessons...


We have finished looking at all the different systems of the human body- the muscular, skeletal, nervous and digestive system. Last week we had a very practical lesson where we re-enacted the digestive system from start to finish, much to the delight of the children (and I have to confess, myself and Mrs Pine). We started off with a cake on a plate, and started the digestion process off by chewing it up (cutting it up with a knife and fork) and adding saliva (water) to start breaking it down to a mushy texture that could be swallowed. This mixture then went into the stomach (a clear sandwich bag) to which digestive juices and enzymes (orange juice) were added to break up the cake even more. The stomach was squeezed and squashed to show how it breaks the food up, before the mixture moved into the small intestine (one leg of a pair of tights) and the children could clearly see how the nutrients came through the sides of the small intestine as the muscles moved it along, ready to be absorbed into the bloodstream and taken around the body, and the more solid food was left working its way along. The mixture then moved into the large intestine (a second leg of the tights) where more water was squeezed out as the food moved along, until it got to the end. Once all the 'nutrients' had been absorbed we talked about how the body no longer needed the food that was left and so out it came from the end of the large intestine, causing a mix of delight and groans from the class! It was a very visual lesson, and messy in parts, but it will stick in the children's minds ready for when they write their explanation text in English all about the digestive system, I have high hopes for the quality of their writing!

 28th - 2nd October 2020

I thought it would be interesting for you this week to see our classroom Working Walls, so that you can have a small insight into what we learning about this week. These walls change weekly, and daily in some cases, according to what part of the lesson unit we are on and the vocabulary being learnt. The children find it useful to have all this information up throughout the week, and I love seeing them refer to it during lessons, and they are beginning make connections between what they are learning in one lesson and another!

Our Working Walls

23rd September 2020

We have learnt such a lot in just the first few weeks!

In English we've been very busy, looking at a short film called 'Girl and Robot' which has helped us to make predictions, use our imaginations to write about a missing part of the film, write from the main character's point of view and even write our own set of instructions for how to build a robot. Embedded in all of that we have learnt about expanded noun phrases, prepositional phrases, imperative verbs and learnt lots of ambitious vocabulary, I told you we had been busy!

In Maths we have been spending time on place value; recapping on number lines to 100 and 1000, the place value of 2 and 3 figure digits, comparing numbers, ordering them, and all the key things we will need as we move onto addition and subtraction next. We will be really focusing in making sure we know our 2,5 and 10x tables up to half term so we can move onto new tables. Recall of tables knowledge is vital to all aspects of mathematics so any practice of these at home will help! A (fairly) easy way to tackle those tricky tables is to invest in some post-it notes to write them on, and have them stuck around the house where your child will see them regularly- the biscuit tin...fridge door...television... If they say them in their head every time they see them they will become second nature, my own two children still mumble under their breath ' 6x4 is 24' when they go out the front door as that's where the post-it note was for that particular times table!

History has been exciting as we have been learning all about Henry II who reigned from 1154 to 1189, and how he was responsible for introducing 'Rule of Law', changing the law from that of 'Trial by Ordeal' which involved water and hot irons (ask your child about this!) to 'Trial by Jury' which we all agreed was a much fairer- and less painful- way! We then looked at the death of Thomas Becket which involved high drama in the classroom, and this week learnt about Richard the Lionheart and the Crusades.

Science has been all about the Human Body, looking at muscles and the skeleton. Ask your child about voluntary and involuntary muscles and how we move! We also took advantage of the sunny weather to go outside and draw round each other in chalk so that we could fill in our skeleton and label all our bones. You may have seem these outside our classroom as you come to pick your child up from school. This week we will be learning about the nervous system, and again, your child should come home with lots of new vocabulary to stun you with!

Useful Information

Your child now has logins (you can find these in the back of their reading records) to three sites to help with their learning- Mathletics, Times Tables Rockstars and Spelling Shed. Please encourage your child to regularly log in and complete the challenges and work set on these sites as it will help so much with their learning in school. Tasks and challenges are changed regularly and I'm keen to reward children with class dojo's (housepoints) as well as recognising those who go 'above and beyond' with their learning outside school!

Reading books have now been sent home, please aim to hear your child read 3-4 times a week and ask them lots of questions about the book as you go- what do they think might happen next? What might a character be feeling? How do they know? They need to come back into school every day, but left in your child's bag, so that if there is an opportunity to hear your child read we can do so. Along with the rest of the school, we will collect books in on a Friday and check Reading Records so that house points can be given to those who have read, filled in their record and remembered to ask a parent to sign it! Books are then left over the weekend so they can be changed on a Monday for those who need it. There is a selection of books in the class reading corner of different levels and children are encouraged to choose and try these during the week if they would like to challenge themselves. These are kept in their trays during the week.

Here is our timetable for the Autumn term, it's a busy one! Don't forget we have PE on a Tuesday, and children need to come to school in their PE kits. We try to have our lessons outside in the fresh air as much as possible, and as the weather gets colder please make sure they have a jumper and joggers with them.

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